Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Candidate update - Scottsdale City Council

A quick visit to the City of Scottsdale's campaign finance webpage reveals that a new candidate has formed a committee for next year's election to fill three seats on the Scottsdale City Council.

Jose Luis Penalosa, Jr. filed his paperwork with the Scottsdale City Clerk last Wednesday.

According to his filing, he is an attorney and a Republican (and markets himself as such).

As I am totally unfamiliar with him, I did a quick internet search. Apparently his law practice specializes in immigration law (with that name and career path, I'm guessing that he's not part of the teabagger branch of the GOP...though that is *just* a guess) and is an amateur running enthusiast. In addition, according to the list of alumni of Scottsdale Leadership, he's a graduate of their program.

Note: Scottsdale Leadership is a networking group for the city's leaders and would-be leaders (Chamber of Commerce contingent).

More info as it becomes available.

Edit to add:

Mr. Penalosa joins the three incumbents, Wayne Ecton, Bob Littlefield, and Tony Nelssen, as well as former Councilman Ned O'Hearn and former candidate Bill Crawford in the race.

There are other potential candidates rumored to be mulling entry into the race, but they haven't announced yet.

Scottsdale voters should remember that they can sign only three nominating petitions, so they might want to consider putting off signing any until the candidate field stabilizes.

...End edit...

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