Monday, December 14, 2009

Brewer to the people of Maricopa County: You're on your own

First she abandoned any pretense of leadership during the state's budget crisis, now she has abandoned the people of the state's most populous county during the crisis (OK, it's a clusterf***) facing Maricopa County as a result of the conflicts (OK, it's a civil war) between the County's elected officials.

From -
Gov. Jan Brewer said the state's budget crisis precludes her from even considering any intervention in current legal and personality clashes within the Maricopa County government.

Brewer told The Associated Press on Monday that she has not looked into whether she should or could intervene.

"I have been paying attention and I have been reading the newspaper and, you know, listening to television and hearing about it," said Brewer. "Certainly I've got my hands full with what I'm facing here at the state level."

The sad part is that Brewer was a Maricopa County supervisor before winning election to the AZ Secretary of State's job.

Yet despite the fact that the people of Maricopa County are her constituents and neighbors, she is washing her hands of the situation, claiming that the state's budget situation demands her complete attention.

So where's the balanced budget, or at least a proposal that's balanced?

Where's her call for a special session to fix the latest fix for the budget?

I suppose this is a cheap shot (but she has made it so easy), but if the budget is the most important thing on her radar right now, more important even than the complete meltdown of Maricopa County government, why is she flitting about the country campaigning speaking at hotel openings, elementary schools, conferences, Christmas tree lightings, and more? (Public schedules for the last two weeks here and here)

Maybe one of her advisers should remind her that she will need the votes of Maricopa County voters during next year's elections if she hopes to win a full term on the ninth floor.

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