Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time for a certain classless coward to step up and take responsibility for his action

No, this isn't a political post, unless you consider anonymous violence and utter thuggishness to be valid forms of political expression.

And while I've got a pretty low opinion of the AZGOP (as any regular reader already knows :) ), but even I don't think they are quite this bad.

Last night's football game between U of A and the University of Oregon was an exciting one that took two overtimes to determine a winner.

One fan took umbrage at the Ducks' victory, and instead of heckling a player (you know, one of the people who at least were involved in the outcome) he chose to vent his ire on a random victim, in this case, a cheerleader.

From the Arizona Daily Star -
University of Arizona police are still searching for the person who hit a University of Oregon cheerleader in the head with a water bottle at the end of last night's football game.

The Oregon cheerleader, Katelynn Johnson, a senior, was taken to an area hospital for minor injuries and was scheduled to be released this morning, Sgt. Juan Alvarez of the UA Police Department said.
If the person who threw the bottle that hit Ms. Johnson has even a shred of class (and given the events that form the basis of this post, that seems unlikely), he will step forward and accept responsibility for his actions.

According to the article, any criminal charges could range from disorderly conduct to aggravated assault, though it would seem likely that if the bottle thrower steps up, it will work in his favor (as would the fact that Ms. Johnson's injuries are minor ones).

Until such time as he *does* step up, however, all of the people of U of A, Tucson, and even the entire state will (deservedly) wear the "classless boors" designation because one person was upset of the outcome of a game.

Boo freakin' hoo. Get over it; it's only a game.

P.S. - while I criticized the thrower for anonymously going after a cheerleader instead of directly confronting one of the players, that would still be wholly inappropriate (and pretty stupid, too).

It would, however, be less cowardly.

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Eli Blake said...

Maybe he should go find a local Tea Party where he can vent his spleen.

This reminds me of the fans who called NFL referee Ed Hochuli at his home last year after he blew a call in a game and made death threats.