Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman announces that he isn't running for statewide office anytime soon

Of course, Hugh being Hugh, he didn't say it directly.

From (emphasis mine) -

Four southeast Valley mayors challenged the Legislature on Tuesday to overhaul Arizona's tax system and think more creatively about how to solve the state's monumental budget problems.

In the process, they warned lawmakers not to pass down those problems to cities and towns, which have been largely successful in coping with their own fiscal issues.


"Most of us . . . are funded by sales tax to a large degree," said Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman. "And that is a very volatile sector. . . . It's not going to get better, because the cities don't have the opportunity to change that model. It's going to have to be done at the state level."

Hallman said Arizona should rely less on sales taxes and more on property taxes.

Hallman is treading close to apostasy with that last, but before the the AZGOP or the Goldwater Institute dispatches a re-education squad to Tempe, they should rest assured - Hallman has been drinking your Kool-Aid for decades. He is no threat to join Ben Arredondo in the exodus from the GOP (hell, even he had ever considered it, he wouldn't do so after Arredondo did. Hallman despises Arredondo.)

Still, Hallman showed that he has a smidgen of intelligence remaining. As such, he'd never get through a GOP primary. He's going to wait at least two more years.

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