Friday, November 27, 2009

The political prognostication thing is easy...

Earlier today, I posted about how Sen. Chuck Gray (R-Pearce's saddle partner) was going to forego a re-election run next year in favor of pursuing "business opportunities."

Contained in that post was the prediction that Republican Rich Crandall, one of LD19's state reps, would pursue the spot in the Senate.

Turns out that prediction was spot on.

From the AZ Rep's Political Insider -
Rep. Rich Crandall is likely to contend for the state Senate seat from east Mesa that Chuck Gray is vacating.

Crandall announced a Senate exploratory committee, noting that Gray does not intend to seek re-election.


Crandall is in his second term in the House and chairs the House Education Committee. A move to the Senate is tempting, especially since the Senate Education Committee chairmanship will be open after 2010, as current chairman John Huppenthal is term-limited.
As of this writing, the AZSOS' office hasn't posted any info regarding a Crandall exploratory committee, and Gray's committee is still official "active" (according to his most recent financial report, which is a year old, , he still has over $14K in the committee's treasury). Expect those facts to change within a week or so.

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