Monday, October 05, 2009

Not the exactly the epitome of breaking news

From the Phoenix Business Journal -
Conservative radio commentator and former Scottsdale congressman J.D. Hayworth is consider a run against U.S. Sen. John McCain in next year’s Republican primary.
There has been speculation/expectations regarding this for months, both here and elsewhere. The Business Journal is something of a johnny-come-lately here.

I truly don't believe that Hayworth would have a serious shot against McCain, but I'm not a Republican insider (so that's not exactly the epitome of breaking news, either :) ). As such, I can't offer any definitive insights into the minds of Republican primary voters. Based on what I've seen though, the only way that McCain loses the primary next year is if he isn't *in* the primary.

However, there has been a quiet rumor, and I don't have details, that a Democrat with a higher profile than Stuart Starky is considering a run for U.S. Senate next year. That seems to indicate that some folks with better sources inside the GOP (or at least within the McCain camp) believe that McCain may end up retiring, creating a race for an open and poachable seat.

If the Reps nominate somebody like Hayworth, somebody who appeals only to their shrinking base, not the growing number of independents in AZ, it will give a major boost to the Democratic nominee, whoever he or she may be.

Hell, Starky may have been steamrolled by McCain in 2004, but even he'd have a fighting chance against somebody like Hayworth.



Thane Eichenauer said...

I'd rather vote for Underdog than a Republican whose accomplishments in Congress left plenty to be desired.

If Mr. Mitchell could beat Hayworth once then there is no chance he will beat the McCain Maverick bus.

Rudy Garcia (Democrat) seems like the best announced official candidate so far, although I would give Stuart Starky due consideration.

cpmaz said...

Mr. Garcia has potential, but his website hasn't been updated in almost 11 months.

Based on that, I'm not sure he's actually running (collecting sigs, talking to people, raising money, etc.)

Delly News Blog said...
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cpmaz said...

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