Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monday: A Busy Day In The Kiva

Monday is shaping up to be a day loaded with actions key to the future of Scottsdale, and most of those actions will take place right in the middle of City Hall.

They'll need just one thing to make City Hall the most entertaining spot in Scottsdale - a popcorn concessionaire.

...At noon, the Audit Committee of the Scottsdale City Council (chaired by Lisa Borowsky, with members Bob Littlefield and Suzanne Klapp) will meet in executive session in the Kiva Conference Room to interview candidates for the position of City Attorney.

Hint to hopefuls: Stress that you have good public presentations skills; Deborah Robberson may or may not have been a good attorney (I truly don't know), but can definitively state that her public presentation skills sucked.

...At 2:30 p.m., the full Council will meet in order to (probably) fire City Manager John Little. The special meeting was called by Council member Tony Nelssen, who was the fourth, and swing, vote late last month when the Council voted to delay purging Little for up to 90 days.

AZ Republic coverage here.

...And at 5 p.m., the Charter Review Task Force will meet in the Kiva to lend its imprimatur to the proposals from the Goldwater Institute and American Water the ORANGE Coalition to gut the City's ability to utilize eminent domain in general and for the acquisition of private utilities in particular.

AZ Republic editorial here.

Let's see - hiring a City Attorney, firing a City Manager, and hamstringing the City's ability to address its needs - a generation from now, a future Council (and associated Council-watchers) will look back on November 2, 2009 as one of the most significant days in Scottsdale's history.

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