Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Littlefield makes it official - he's running for reelection to the Scottsdale City Council

Putting to rest rumors that he was going to run for a different office (LD8 legislature, AZ Corporation Commission), incumbent Scottsdale City Council member Bob Littlefield announced that he will be running for another term (AZ Republic columnist Laurie Roberts has details here; his campaign website is here, with a message concerning his candidacy.)

According to the paperwork that Littlefield filed with the Scottsdale City Clerk's office (the City's elections webpage is here), one Roberta Pilcher will serve as his campaign's chair and his wife, Kathleen Littlefield, will serve as treasurer.

I'm not sure what factors pushed Littlefield off the fence and back into the Scottsdale political patch, but the facts that there are five active committees for the Rep nomination for the lege in LD8 (and none of the incumbents has filed as yet) and that Littlefield has zero name recognition outside of Scottsdale (a significant consideration for a potential candidate for a statewide office) probably helped clarify Littlefield's thinking on the subject.


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rolomonkey said...

No comments! What if somebody announced for re-election and nobody cared?