Friday, October 09, 2009

John Shadegg, the CBO, and selective credibility

Note: for those readers unfamiliar with the abbreviation "CBO," it stands for Congressional Budget Office. The CBO provides non-partisan analyses to help Congress make decisions in budget and economic issues.

Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ3) seems to have a creative definition of what constitutes a credible source of information.

When that source says something that he can use to support his ideological/industry lobbyist-funded positions, that source is credible.

When the same source says something the undermines his preferred position, he doesn't consider re-evaluating his position, he just attacks the source.

To whit, the CBO and the fiscal impact of health care reform.

From Shadegg in July, when he found the CBO to be credible -
Now, with only a single week to go before the August break, the CBO is estimating that despite the cost-cutting rhetoric, the House Democrats’ health care proposal will increase America’s deficit by $239 billion over the next ten years.
From Shadegg in October (warning: the link is to; prolonged exposure could result in brain damage :) ), where the CBO's analysis doesn't support his position any longer -
CBO Stands for Cooked Books Office

With this sort of sloppiness coming forth from Shadegg, indicating that he is getting tired (somewhat reminiscent of JD Hayworth circa 2006, and we know how that turned out for Hayworth), it's time for him to consider sticking with it the next time he announces his retirement.

There are a number of Republicans - State Sens. Jim Waring and Pam Gorman, former Shadegg chief of staff Sean Noble, and others - rumored to be eyeing the seat, all waiting for the seat to open up (somebody who was going to run last year when Shadegg "retired," Steve May, probably won't be running in CD3 next time around. It looks like he may be running for a JP slot in the East Valley instead).

There are also a number of Democrats waiting for Shadegg to make his decision, any of whom could make it an interesting race (some even if Shadegg tries for one more term). Bob Lord probably has another run in him, and with the lessons he learned in last year's run against Shadegg, last year's "formidable challenge" could turn into "next year's victory."

So either way (Shadegg in, Shadegg out) CD3 is going to be interesting.

If Shadegg stays in the race, expect more from him like this (which means lots of blogging material).

If he retires, that means that there will be a scrum in north Phoenix next year, which also means lots of blogging material.

Stay tuned.

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