Saturday, September 26, 2009

More 2010 campaign committees...

Edit on 9/28 to update with candidate info...

Another in the heretofore irregularly timed series of posts (but one which will probably become a regular weekly topic for the foreseeable future)...

- Republican Vernon Parker, mayor of Paradise Valley, has opened an exploratory committee for a run at the Governor's job. He's had some legal issues, but he is a credible candidate.

- Republican State Senator Thayer Verschoor has opened an exploratory committee for a run at State Treasurer, apparently assuming that Dean Martin, a fellow Republican and the incumbent, is going to run for Governor.

- Republican Beth Price has formed a committee for a run at Superintendent of Public Instruction. The committee address is in Casa Grande, and she used to work at Central Arizona College (page 4 of the linked .pdf). I'm not sure about her current activities. Her name makes for lousy search terms.

She joins a cast of thousands in next year's Rep primary for the post (actually the number is five, for now).

- In LD8, one W. John Williamson, no party listed, has formed a $500 Threshold committee for a run at state representative. Another name that makes for lousy search terms, but I'll call the number on his committee paperwork later this week.

Update on 9/28 - Mr. Williamson returned my call and graciously spoke to me about his candidacy. He's running as a Democrat and his focus is on education. He is a 40+ year Arizonan who graduated from Saguaro High and ASU. Currently, he is a high school English teacher and is concerned about the "punitive tone" exhibited by the lege and the leadership there toward education and teachers. (See the BRB language [page 62 of the linked .pdf] regarding teachers and professional association activities [i.e. - union activities] and barring compensated days for such activities being part of district contracts). He's going to "try to make a difference."

I wish him well with that and with his candidacy.

End update...

- And, in the "blast from the past" portion of our program, the "legendary" David Burnell Smith, the first sitting legislator to be removed from office for violating Clean Elections rules, is again running for state representative from LD7. There are already five Republicans running for the two state rep slots from LD7, including an "exploring" Jim Waring, the soon-to-be termed out state senator from the LD. With his history and the crowded field, Mr. Smith has a seriously uphill battle, even in a group at morally bereft as the AZGOP.

...Other committees -

- Dean Martin, well into his third year as State Treasurer, has finally gotten around to opening an "officeholder expense" committee, named "Treasurer Dean Martin Community Service."

Either he never had any officeholder expenses before this or he's running for Governor.

Guess which one I think it is?



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