Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Andy Thomas exploring a run at AG

The controversial Maricopa County Attorney has almost made official his long-rumored interest in the job of Arizona Attorney General.

It's "almost" official because while he has informed the AZ Republic, the paperwork hasn't reached the Secretary of State's office yet (or if it has, the SOS hasn't posted it yet).

The Arizona Republic has the story on its website.

This announcement by the usually divisive Thomas will have the unexpected side effect of uniting both his supporters (the "rule of nativism" adherents) and his detractors (the "rule of law" adherents).

The nativists will be happy that a fellow traveler could become the highest-ranking law enforcement official in AZ; the rest of us realize that if he goes for AG, he'll have to resign from his post as Maricopa County Attorney.

And that Thomas even getting through a state-wide primary is far from guaranteed (though given the current state of the AZGOP, Thomas will start off as the favorite in almost any primary field).

And2, he is such a polarizing figure that he could cost the GOP a huge number of independent votes.

So for that reason and the "resign-to-run" aspect, this Democrat has one thing to say -

Run Andy, RUN!!!

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Thane Eichenauer said...

I should only wish that Andrew Thomas' detractors could be labeled as rule of law adherents (this is not a criticism).

Mr. Thomas and Mr. Arpaio both enforce laws that are wasteful and counterproductive. That doesn't change the fact that the laws they enforce might be argued to be in conflict with other portions of American law but laws they are.