Monday, August 03, 2009

Yet another Rep files for next year's governor's race

...and based on the evidence so far, the "big name" Republicans are giving Jan Brewer all but a free pass through the primary, no matter how ticked they are with her...

On Monday, the Secretary of State's website listed yet another non-"big name" Republican who has formed a committee in order to pursue their nomination for Governor.

One Robert Graham of Phoenix, filer ID 201000173, has filed, with one Angela Titus acting as his committee's treasurer.

His website is here. It's currently under construction, so don't expect much.

On the other hand, based on some research, it might not be wise to expect much, even after the website is fully up to speed.

In the SOS filing, the committee's address is listed as 4800 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 2400,Scottsdale AZ 85251.

A check of the ACC website finds that Robert Graham is listed as the manager and a member of RG Capital LLC, with the same business address as the political committee.

RG Capital has a website here.

RG Capital is an investment advisory firm. Not sure how well they are doing or how "on top of things" that they are, however.

From their "About RG Capital" page (emphasis mine) -
Wealth Management Advisors*


*Investment Advisory Services offered through AIG Financial Advisors, Inc.

That last may explain why Mr. Graham is looking to transition into a steadier gig than "financial advisor."

I mean, Jan Brewer may have one of the least popular jobs in AZ right now, but it still beats hell out of anything associated with AIG.

Of course, the "AIG Financial Advisors" reference *does* indicate another issue with Mr. Graham's viability as a gubernortorial candidate.

That organization is now called SagePoint Financial Inc.

The name was changed months ago.

Mr. Graham's candidacy will be hurt if he pays as much attention to his political message as he does to his commercial one.

Yeah, I know it's early, and that at least one "name" Republican will jump into the race to be the Republican nominee to lose to Terry Goddard next year, but for now, why not have a little fun?


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