Sunday, August 09, 2009

Well, it wasn't a bright idea to begin with, so this isn't a surprise

Non-political post ahead...

From AP via the East Valley Tribune -
A summer concert next week featuring Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson has been cancelled because of excessive heat in the greater Phoenix area.

Concert promoter Jam Productions said late Friday that the hot weather expected for Tuesday's show at Camelback Ranch in Glendale was a risk "too great for all involved."

Let's see...

Bob Dylan is 68.

John Mellencamp is 57 .

And Willie Nelson is older than Yoda (OK, actually, he's 76. But he looks older than Yoda. :) )

Add in the fact that the average temp in Phoenix in August is 105. (By comparison, Flagstaff's average temp in August is 80.)

So who had the bright idea of an outdoor concert, with older performers and a target audience that is 60+, in *Phoenix* in freakin' *August*?!?!?

Probably someone in the main office of the tour's promoter, Jam Productions.

Jam is based in Chicago.

The interesting part, one that illustrates Jam's ongoing detachment from reality - while the websites of the artists and of Ticketmaster have already been updated to reflect the cancelled show, Jam's own website, you know, the one maintained by the very organization that *announced* the cancellation, still has a link to purchase tickets.

Even as late as last week, I would still hear radio spots hawking tickets to the August 11 show, and whenever I heard one, I would wonder "Who the hell wants to go to an outdoor show in Phoenix in August?"

Apparently, pretty near no one, including the artists.

If they really wanted to do an outdoor show, why not hold it in Flagstaff or even Sedona? Or wait until October or November?

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