Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Senate floor session

1:22 - We're done until 10 tomorrow morning.

1:20 - Cheuvront responds by reminding members that he probably employs more people than anyone else in the chamber. Calls the budget proposal with its massive tax cuts for large corporations "fiscally irresponsible." Time to get a budget done.

1:17 - Leff (R-not sure right now) talks about AZ making the Wall Street Journal's editorial page.

1:16 - Hale (D-Window Rock) remembers Eunice Kennedy Shriver on her passing.

1:15 - Resolution passes, moment of silence for Officer Rosas.

1:13 - Pearce uses Rosas' death as another reason to militarize the border between AZ and Mexico.

1:11 - It's a memorial to a slain Border Patrol Officer, Robert Rosas.

1:08 - Intro of SCR1003, some kind of Russell Pearce anti-immigrant resolution.


Eli Blake said...

Why did we make the Wall Street Journal editorial page?

Now that California has a budget done, have they noticed that our state government is even more disfunctional than theirs?

cpmaz said...

They were touting "Arizona's budget breakthrough."


Guess they should have waited on the piece until the votes were counted (and the package was pulled back before it failed.)