Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Congressman Harry Mitchell's statement on the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy

From Congressman Mitchell's House website -
U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell today issued the following statement on the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy:

"I am deeply saddened this morning by the news of Senator Edward Kennedy's passing. Senator Kennedy embodied public service - devoting his entire life not just to his home state of Massachusetts, but to the nation as a whole. In a Senate career spanning four decades, Senator Kennedy became one of the most influential and productive legislators in Congress. He was a staunch advocate, who argued passionately, but also knew how to reach across the aisle to get things done. As a lifelong student of government, I recognize the indelible mark that his work has made on our country. With his passing, America has lost a statesman. I join the rest of the country in mourning this monumental loss. My thoughts today are with the entire Kennedy family."

Note: I'm citing the words of others regarding the loss of Ted Kennedy because while I grew up in Massachusetts and even voted for him, Ted Kennedy was a U.S. Senator even before I was alive.

In many ways, the average person in MA regarded Ted Kennedy the way that the average person in AZ regards sunshine - an indelible part of the firmament.

Something that brightens and sustains all it touches.

Something that is always there.

Something that is only truly appreciated when it isn't there any longer.

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testcase said...

How about we call MItchell and ask him why he refuses, or so I have heard, to even vote for a health plan with a public option. Kennedy had the courage of his convictions - does Harry?