Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wonder if the prosecutor on this one will be able to keep a straight face in court?

From the Worcester (MA) Telegram and Gazette (emphasis mine) -
SOUTHBRIDGE — Two neighbors are facing charges after an altercation between them over the dumping of yard waste.

Prince M. Sirleaf, 40, of 17 Oak St., is being charged with assault and battery on a person 60 and older, while Louis A. Latour, 60, is being charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (grass clump).

"ADW-Grass Clump"?!?

Good luck to the prosecutor who's going to have to stand up in front of a jury and try to convince 12 citizens that a clump of grass constitutes a "dangerous weapon".

The scary part is, I grew up in that town, and check in on doings there every so often.

Which is how I found the goofiest charge that I've ever heard of that stemmed from what could have been a very serious situation (which is why both parties are facing charges, but still - "ADW-Grass Clump"???)



Eli Blake said...

My uncle lives in Worcester, and all I can add is that it's the most confusing town I've ever driven in.

I'm usually pretty good at finding my way around, I can go even to a big city I've never been in and buy a map and go straight to where I want to like a pro, but I got lost twice in Worcester.

And dang, is there a law that they have to have a Dunkin Donuts every mile?

cpmaz said...

I lived in Worcester County for most of the first 30 years of my life, and I frequently got lost in Worcester (worked to my advantage once, though - showed up late to jury duty, and as one of the last to sign in, I was one of the earliest released from jury duty :)) ).

As for the Dunkin' Donuts density law, it was written by the same person who wrote Arizona's Circle K density law.