Monday, July 06, 2009

Republican caucus

4:59 - Caucus over.

4:57 - SB1014, per diems.

4:55 - SB1015, Health and welfare BRB. Tibshraeny asks what happens if governor lets bill become law without the her sig. No difference.

4:52 - SB1016, K-12 Ed BRB. No new school districts can add "career ladders", but new teachers can enter existing programs. I think. I'm going to have to read the details later.

4:49 - Pearce calls ELL "totally inappropriate." Huppenthal reminds Pearce that the sort of ELL funded here, structured English immersion, was one of the reasons that they prevailed in the latest Supreme Court decision on the matter.

4:47 - Pearce, true to form, questions funding for ELL.

4:46 - Staff advises Tibshraeny and the caucus that voting for the bill will ensure that school districts get their scheduled payments on July 15.

4:40 - This bill is about maintaining the status quo. It gives them until October 1st to do a real fix. Approps was less contentious than this, and Approps is *always* contentious.

4:38 - Harper stresses that SB1013 includes a 2% inflationary increase to base level funding. They're jumping on this.

4:37 - The Rep caucus is gathering...Jack Harper is griping to Sylvia Allen about the Arizona Guardian doing "opposition research" for the Dems...meeting called to order....

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