Sunday, July 19, 2009

More 2010 candidate committees

A visit to the Secretary of State's website shows that a number of committees have been formed for next year's elections.

- Bob Thomas, Republican, has formed a committee to explore a run at the LD15 State Senate seat, filer ID 201000141.

- Sue Dolphin, Democrat, has formed a committee in her pursuit of the LD4 State Senate seat, filer ID 201000142.

- Diane Douglas, Republican, has formed a committee for an LD9 State Representative spot, filer ID 201000152.

- Adam Driggs, Republican, has formed a committee to explore a run at an office unlisted, filer ID 201000155. Driggs is currently a State Representative from LD11. I don't really have any info on what he could be "exploring," but his background is in law (former prosecutor in Maricopa County), so I suppose he could be yet another Rep mulling a run at AG next year.

- An independent expenditure committee, Leading Arizona Forward IE, filer ID 201000143, was formed with Troy Hyde as the chair and Michelle Marini as the treasurer. "Independent" is a bit of a misnomer here, as both Hyde and Marini are Republican political operatives.

They've also formed another similarly-named committee, Leading Arizona Forward - S/O, filer ID 201000153.

Note: "S/O" = "Support/Oppose"; they can use funds from that committee to directly support or oppose specific candidates.


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