Sunday, July 05, 2009

More 2010 campaign committees...

It's been a while, and there have been a number of committees formed since the last one of these...

- In LD4, former state senator Scott Bundgaard, Republican, has formed a committee to run for the senate seat currently held by term-limited Republican Jack Harper (filer ID 201000138). A Phoenix New Times' article from 1999 shows that if he wins the seat, Bundgaard probably won't exceed the low standard of professionalism in office set by Harper.

- In LD6, Steven Kaiser, Republican, has filed to run for State Representative (201000136). I'm not absolutely sure that this is his Facebook page, but if it is (this one is a fan of the AZ House GOP and the AZ Senate GOP), he's a winger.

He's also a fan of Glenn Beck.

According to this winger website (April 26, 2009 entry), he's also a Captain in the Army Reserves and works at a Target Corporation distribution center as an "executive." More likely, he's a manager of some kind; most large corporations don't assign "executives" to its warehouses. (The use of that term is probably the writer's responsibility, not Kaiser's.)

- In the AG's race, current LD6 state rep, Sam Crump, Republican, has opened an exploratory committee (201000134) to gauge support in a quest for the Republican nomination.

Not sure if this means that he thinks he can beat the field of possible Rep candidates, or if he thinks the field will open up as certain expected AG candidates (Horne, Thomas) mull runs for Governor instead.

- In LD27, Dustin Cox, Democrat, as filed for an exploratory committee to look at a run at a State Representative spot. This seems to be his Facebook page. Since this is southern AZ, Tedski will do a better job of covering the story when the time comes.

- In LD16, Robert Gular has filed for a run at the Republican nomination for state rep (201000131). Couldn't find out much about him in a Google search.

- In LD11, Rich Davis, Republican, is exploring a run at state rep (201000130). It's a crappy name for an internet search, but his campaign website is here, though it isn't really up and running yet.

- In the area of ballot measures, "Pennies for Prevention" has formed a committee (201000129). Not sure what they are about (I've got a phone call out to the contact number listed for the committee).

Since that contact number is for a doctor, I'm guessing (pending a call back with specific info) that it is related to a healthy lifestyles effort.

- In the area of legalized bribery corporate campaign contributions, The GEO Group Inc. has formed a PAC (201000125) as of June 8. The GEO Group is a private prison company.

[start sarcasm] Geez, I wonder why there was some much support in the Republican caucus of the lege for selling off the state's prisons? [end sarcasm]


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