Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tweets from the floor

I've been remiss in my coverage of the budget kerfluffle (I have always wanted to use that word in a post :) )...

Certain members of the lege, including two from my own LD17, have been providing updates, commentary, and insights via Twitter.

From Rep. David Schapira's Twitter page (going back to Saturday) -

They're serving dinner at 6. I wonder if they'll serve dinner tomorrow for laid-off state employees. 7 hours and counting... from web

I might need some new ammo on a budget vote tonight. Read my last vote explanation (http://bit.ly/182BJN) and post some ideas of your own. from web

The word is the Gov might give up on the sales tax and sign the Republican budget that decimates education and public services. 8.5 hrs left from web

11 hours to shutdown...agencies are making preparations for tomorrow. It's sad how legislative leadership and the gov have failed the state. from web

Sales Tax bill dead in Senate. What's next? Will they bring Dems to the table to preserve our state's future. By "future" I mean tomorrow. from web

House Appropriations Committee now delayed indefinitely...14 hours to government shutdown. from TwitterFon

27 hours to government shutdown and still no signs of negotiation. We just adjourned for the day with no progress. Wow... from web

We are less than 30 hours from government shutdown and there's still no movement on the budget...and no bipartisan negotiation. from web

Check out My Education Budget Vote Explanation / Michael Jackson Tribute http://bit.ly/182BJN . from web

The Appropriations Committee just cut $250M in Education Revenue...in the midst of a budget crisis...crazy! from web

The Appropriations Committee just decided to balance our state budget on the backs of students, teachers, the poor and vulnerable Arizonans. from web

Among the many problems with this budget, the State will no longer fund any regulation of the Pay-Day Lending industry. from web

300 people, who had no obligation to do so, took time out of their Saturday morning to come down to the capitol and have their voices heard. from web

This budget fails to repay schools for the $300M the state borrowed...WOW! That might as well be a $300M cut. from web

Approps will be starting in a few minutes. from web

State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (not a D17 rep, but still pretty cool) -

8 hours to government shutdown. Gov made no headway in her quest to peel off Ds. This budget doesn't reflect our values and priorities! from txt

President Burns, Speaker Adams and Gov Brewer are calling Democrats into the Speaker's office and asking them to vote for the budget. HAHA from web

Let your voice be heard http://bit.ly/w5Hi9 from twitterfeed

Senate Rules committee killed the Governor's sales tax proposal this morning. Budget deal is completely derailed... from web

Join Arizonans for Health Reform on FB to stay updated about health reform events, forums, meetings in Arizona. from web

@lezzymom SB 1403 - spurs economic development for solar energy in Arizona. That was a good idea, and it was bi-partisan. It passed! from web in reply to lezzymom

Flat tax might pass today. It's a REALLY BAD IDEA. http://bit.ly/3bHzN from web

Rumor is Senate Rs have votes to pass budget - in exchange for TABOR. Makes a bad deal even worse! Meanwhile, more gun bills today. NICE. from web

less than 24 hours to government shutdown. Do the Rs have the votes? Guess we'll see soon.... from web

Republicans agree on worst budget deal in Arizona history http://bit.ly/E7Oz7 from twitterfeed

To share your voice on federal health care reform and find out about events, please join my Facebook group: http://bit.ly/RzbvM from Tweetie

It's Monday and the Rs budget deal has broken down. What now? from web

Can't wait to start meetings and forums around the state for health reform! July, where are you? from txt

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Arizona - take note. from web

Wonder what the next several days will bring. Rs don't have the votes to pass their budget & Gov is trying to peel off Dems - to no avail. from web

Chair just announced we're stopping after budget brbs. That means we're not hearing the flat tax or sales tax bills. Do they have the votes? from web

Education budget bill cuts over $220 million from K-12 educ. Plus, really bad policy things stuffed in here - this will hurt our schools! from web

@MrFurlough add'l revenue subtracted from K-12. The cut to universities is 40 million. from web in reply to MrFurlough

ok then - House Approps members approved a bill that now allows them to privatize death row. For real. from web

Wow, this bill is a GREAT deal for developers - not a good deal for local governments. So much for local control.... from web

House Rs passed 250 million cut of education funding source (education equalization tax). We're in a fiscal crisis! Kids need this money! from web

first budget bill passes... Gov said June 16th that she wouldn't agree to Republicans' cuts to K-12 education. She agreed to them after all from web

Spent 3 hours briefing the budget this morning - it's even worse than we thought last night! from web

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Take a look at the Arizona Capitol Times twitter page for some additional details.