Monday, June 08, 2009

LD17 Legislators In The News...

With the legislative session heating up, LD17's legislators have been getting more notice in the MSM...

- State Senator Meg Burton Cahill has been getting notices for her solitary stand against the devastating Republican budget last week. It was a solitary stand because the Reps has indicated to the Dems that no vote would be taken that night, so they all went home.

From Tom Spratt, editor of the Tempe Republic -
Sometime after midnight Thursday morning, Sen. Meg Burton Cahill, D-Tempe, found herself alone among Republicans as a vote neared on the 2009-2010 state budget.

Soon, she became engaged in a one-woman battle to restore money for food banks, senior food programs, domestic violence services, the developmentally disabled, poor children and the mentally ill, among others.

She offered 10 budget amendments that she believed captured the essence of what other Democrats would have wanted had they been on the Senate floor. All the changes were defeated. Before sunrise, Burton Cahill cast the Senate's only "no'' vote on the budget.

More coverage here.

- State Representative Ed Ableser will be participating in a roundtable discussion on The American Clean Energy And Security Act (H.R. 2454) making its way through Congress. Some of the expected benefits of the bill if it is enacted into law would be to stimulate the creation of clean energy jobs and the reduction of pollution. The discussion is scheduled to take place at the Burton Barr Library on Central at noon.

It's not the "best" media coverage ("Ed Ableser, state representative from Tempe (who?)"), but hey, it's still media coverage, right? :)

- State Representative David Schapira had an op-ed piece published by the AZ Republic on May 17 defending the need for a strong higher education system in Arizona.

From the piece -
Our state has a deficit, but we can't balance it on the backs of students, especially when other options are available (See common-sense options at Providing access to quality and affordable higher education must be a priority.


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