Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Breaking: Shooting at the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

From CNN -
Gunfire at the entrance of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum wounded at least two people Wednesday, emergency officials said.

A private security guard and another person were wounded, according to officials of the D.C. police and fire department. A police official said one of the wounded was the shooting suspect.

News reports have named the suspected shooter as one James W. Von Brunn, a a long-time (born in 1920) white supremacist with a police record. (Wikipedia entry here. I normally don't link to Wikipedia, but I refuse to link to the white supremacist/neo-Nazi/anti-Semitic websites that he has written for. Note: the Wiki entry looks as if it was written by Von Brunn or one of his supporters.)

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Eli Blake said...

Yesterday you wrote a post entitled, "terrorists learn that violence works" about the ultimately successful attack on Dr. George Tiller that in the end accomplished exactly the thing (closing the clinic) that the murderer wanted.

Well, apparently it isn't taking long.