Tuesday, June 09, 2009

And the terrorists learn that violence works

From AP via Yahoo! News -
Slain Kansas abortion provider's clinic to close

WICHITA, Kan. – The Wichita clinic of slain abortion provider George Tiller, one of only a handful of clinics in the country that provides third-term abortions, will be permanently closed, his family said Tuesday. Operations at Women's Health Care Services Inc. had been suspended since Tiller's death last month, and the clinic's future was uncertain.

In a statement released by his attorneys, Tiller's family said it will close permanently, and relatives would honor Tiller with charitable activities instead.

Anyone have a pic of Randall Terry and Trent Franks dancing on Dr. Tiller's grave?


Eli Blake said...

I had much the same thought as you did, and expounded on it.

I don't know about that photo of Randall and Trent, but I know that Scott Roeder will be singing huzzahs all the way to the electric chair.

cpmaz said...

I hope you're wrong about the electric chair.

Ethical argument - Capital punishment is wrong. The urge for vengeance is understandable, but acting on that urge demeans us.

Practical argument - The loons don't need any martyrs.

Either way, I think the best punishment here is life without a chance for parole.

Eli Blake said...

Actually, I agree with you that capital punishment should be avoided, mainly for 1. the second reason you mention, and 2. the fact that a large number of errors have been made in DP cases.

However, if there was some way to make sure that it was only administered to the guilty, was administered in a fair and equitable way (i.e. no correlation to the race of the victim, the defendant's income, etc.) then I could be persuaded to support it

Though there is still the uncomfortable argument that if you give governments the right to kill anybody, then it is only their own laws, which they can revise at any time, that prevent them from killing everybody. It was only eight years from the Nuremberg laws to Wannsee, and then a horrible return path to get from Wannsee back to Nuremberg.