Monday, May 25, 2009

More 2010 campaign committees...

Yes, it's still early, but more and more folks are starting up campaign committees for next year.

...For governor, one Kent Couchee of Gold Canyon, party affiliation "resident of Arizona." His campaign email addy is listed as I couldn't find out much about Mr. Couchee via a Google search, but apparently he has a nice house, he competed in long-drive golf contests and his wife Diane is a real estate agent.

...Also for governor, Johnnie Robinson III of Casa Grande, Republican. Lousy name for an internet search, but it appears that he made some noises at a third party run for governor in 2006, but he wasn't on any ballot, and he didn't receive any votes.

...For state representative, LD16, Dr. Cristy Lopez, Democrat. Apparently, she is a psychologist, so she is a PhD. doctor, not an MD doctor.

...For state representative, LD15, Lela Alston, Democrat. A former state senator and statewide candidate.

...For state representative, LD12, Angela Cotera, Democrat. A former candidate who looks to be *way* more intelligent and educated than anyone the Reps will run in the district (and that's not a dig at the Reps for once - a PhD in physics gets a lot of respect from me). That's far from a guarantee of victory, however.

She did a credible job against Republican John Nelson in 2008 and the Rep voter registration advantage in the district has shrunk. The Dems could pick up a seat here next year. The incumbents are Republicans Jerry Weiers and Steve Montenegro.

...Ummm, is it just me, or does anyone else notice the difference in the intelligence, education, and accomplishment levels of the Democratic candidates compared to the Republican/third party candidates?

...In other committee news, as has been covered elsewhere, the Republicans in the lege have formed their own independent expenditure committees separate from the state GOP and Randy Pullen. They formed the House Victory Fund (filer ID 201000113) and the Senate Victory Fund (201000118).


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