Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another reason for the Republicans to hate photo radar...

This one is already floating around the AZ blogosphere, both lefty and righty, but it's still worth a mention.

Most of the blogs are citing an AZ Guardian story, but since I don't subscribe to the Guardian, I'll go with an Arizona Republic piece -
The executive director of the Arizona Republican Party was arrested Wednesday morning on a "traffic violation" charge, the GOP has confirmed.

Tedski at Rum, Romanism, Rebellion has coverage here (and here), including the tidbit that Mecum, the AZGOP ED, was arrested for driving in excess of 100 mph and was caught by a photo radar van.

Seeing Red AZ has coverage here (Warning: this site is so conservative it borders on being a GOP press release outlet.)

Ahhhh, yes - the law-and-order AZGOP, staffed by scofflaws.

P.S. - I'm having a little fun with this, but only because no one was hurt. If Mr. Mecum is guilty, I hope he (and the rest of his GOP associates) learns the lesson.

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