Sunday, May 03, 2009

2010 candidate updates...

Nothing earth-shattering here, just a couple of folks setting up committees for next year...

...Sami Hamed, a former staffer for Congressman Raul Grijalva, has set up a committee to run for the Democratic nomination for State Representative in LD27 (Clean Elections candidate). Tedski has coverage here.

...In my home LD of LD17, Wendy Rogers has set up a committee to run as a traditionally financed candidate for the Republican nomination for State Senate.

Since this is my home turf, I'll cover a little of her background - according to her Blogger profile page, she's a retired Air Force pilot and current co-owner of a home and termite inspection business in Tempe.

Other facts that I could find out about her with a quick Google search -

- She was a "Swift Boat" supporter (that link is to an FEC page. If that doesn't work, try this one.)

- She's a homeschooling supporter (this page is unclear on whether or not she actually *is* a homeschool mom. Based on this profile of/by her husband, I'm guessing that she is *not* one now, though she may have been one once.)

- She's lobbied in support of a bill in the 2005 lege to allow home inspectors to collect referral fees, aka "legalized kickbacks." The bill failed in House Commerce that year.

More as the elections approach...

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