Sunday, April 26, 2009

*Now* spring has finally sprung...

The Red Sox and Yankees have finally played, signifying the real start of the baseball season.

It was all that anyone could ask from three baseball games -

- A Friday night extra inning thriller with one homer to send the game into extra innings and a walk-off HR to end it;

- A Saturday afternoon Fenway slugfest where the starting pitcher's were the teams' aces (sorry Yankees fans - despite his paycheck, CC Sabathia isn't the ace. Yet.)

- And a nationally televised Sunday night series capper that was all manufactured runs (including a straight steal of home!! By a Red Sox player!!!) and gutty pitching by a bunch of rookies (or near-rookies) and an old pro well past his "ace" days. In other words, the complete opposite of the first two games.

About the only thing this series didn't have was a bench-clearing brawl, but it's still early in the season and Alex "Lightning A-Rod" Rodriguez should be back, if not by the time the next time the two teams meet next week then possibly by the time the teams meet in June.

People can talk about ASU/U of A, Cubs/Cardinals, UNC/Duke or any of a dozen of the more storied college FB rivalries, but none of those rivalries holds a candle to the history, passion, or sheer magic when the Red Sox and Yankees play.

Three down, 15 to go. :)

Back to politics tomorrow...

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