Thursday, April 09, 2009

More 2010 candidate committees

Other bloggers are starting to cover the early filing trend (such as Katie at Democratic Diva), but there are a couple that even they haven't gotten to yet.

- John Paul Mitchell has filed for a run at Governor as an Independent candidate.

- Brenda Burns has filed as a Republican candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission.

- Hugh Kealer has filed as a Republican candidate for Governor.

Mitchell is *NOT* the hair care company; he's the anti-tax blogger.

Burns is the former State Senate President. Greg Patterson at Espresso Pundit has more here. He lists as one of her career highlights the fact that she was President of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). According to Sourcewatch, ALEC "favours big business and rollbacks [of] environmental regulations."

Something tells me that if elected, Burns' priorities won't include protecting the interests of those she was elected to represent.

As for Kealer, I couldn't find out much about him during a cursory internet search. That's actually not much of a surprise, given that he listed his campaign email addy as "hughk[at]"

Yes, he's running for governor of Arizona as a fan of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Steelers.

Perhaps one of Mr. Kealer's advisors or friends could advise him on how to set up a gmail account. It's free and doesn't scream "Will trade campaign swag for Iron City!!"



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Thane Eichenauer said...

Considering the fact that the people who run big business don't live in bubble cities I just note that not all environmental regulations are cost effective. Wasted money due to unneeded environmental regulations are waste just as if you were burning 100 dollar bills.

I imagine Brenda Burns wants the environment, be it water, earth or air, to be clean for our benefit and her benefit.