Saturday, April 18, 2009

Karen Johnson for Governor and other campaign committees

...In a story that's been percolating through the AZ blogosphere, both lefty and righty, former State Senator Karen Johnson (R - formerly Mesa, now Snowflake) has formed a committee to run for governor next year.

If Johnson turns out to be Governor Jan Brewer's main competition in next year's Rep primary (she won't be, but this far out, it's all about the "if"), it could actually help Brewer. Johnson is far enough right to make the very ideological Brewer look moderate by comparison. In addition, while Johnson is so far out on the fringe (her name was on bills like "guns in schools", "guns in bars," and "secede from the United States if the feds mess with our guns," even Democrats in the lege that I've spoken to have said that she was among the warmest and most civil legislators while she was in the Senate.

Even if she stays in the primary all the way to the vote, Johnson probably won't get nasty enough to cause Brewer to spend a lot of money for the primary.

R-Cubed coverage here; Blog for Arizona coverage here.

...In LD8, someone named Ted King has filed paperwork to run for state senate. No party affiliation is listed, and the committee is one of the $500 threshold variety.

His name is utterly lousy for an internet search, but with that committee type, his candidacy isn't a serious one, regardless of his party affiliation. He's not going to upend incumbent Carolyn Allen or either of the putative front-runners for her seat when she steps aside, current state reps. Michelle Reagan and John Kavanagh on $500.

...For State Treasuer, Democrat Andrei Cherny has announced his candidacy (he'd been "exploring" a run before this) for state treasuer. He's a best-selling author and former Clinton-era White House speechwriter.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

Nothing says a civil opponent won't be passionate or that Johnson's support won't produce results. I read Scott Ritter's book Waging Peace and it points out that given the common Republican refrain of "God, guns and gays" which electorally just might work in Arizona I wouldn't count Johnson out quite yet.

After all what is Brewer likely to be known for come August 31st, 2010 save "I led the charge for higher taxes"? Perhaps she can revise her 5 point plan to 4 points come 17 months from now and people will forget her one-time advocacy of higher taxes. Johnson will still have more positions that plenty (perhaps 51%) of people (especially Republicans) find appealing.