Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Face of America Bike Ride media coverage

Last weekend's Face of America Bike Ride was a resounding success. A number of media outlets covered the Ride, both before and after the event.

Some of the stories:

WTTG, Fox5 from Washington, D.C. here.

Frederick News-Post coverage here.

Gettysburg (PA) Times coverage here.

An "after action report" from blogger Chuck at "From My Position" here.

Coverage from blogger April at "Mail Call! Supporting The Troops" here.

Coverage from blogger LDR at "Soldiers' Angels - Wounded Warrior Support" here, coverage that includes YouTube links.

Coverage from blogger Jeff Nalls at Bikeworks Racing here.

Some great pics from poster The-Rock on the ExtremeSkins.com message board here.

My sister Cori would like to express her appreciation to the vets, the other riders, the organizers and all of the volunteers and supporters of the ride.



Kathi said...

Hey,thanks for linking me:) This is always such a wonderful event to be a part of as a volunteer!

cpmaz said...

No problem.

In fact, I should be thanking you for volunteering. It's a great cause, and it would be nice to see more people involved in it.

My sisters, stepmom, and nephew were involved with the Ride, either as volunteers/organizers or riders. This post was the least I could do from here in AZ.

They raved about the whole ride, from the wounded veterans, to the volunteers, to the other riders there to support the veterans.

Apparently one of my sisters rode with a retired Marine general, a former deputy commandant of the Corps. He told her to call him by his first name. Which she did...whenever any Marines were in earshot. Just to watch the doubletakes.

Apparently Marines consider their generals' first names to be a secret to be known and uttered only by other generals. :)