Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why my city is hosed...

"Eat Drink Be Pretty"????
Somebody who has a penchant for thoroughness might want to add cracks about "Botox" or "NIMBY" or "Destroy Neighborhoods", but that would be unnecessary piling on after the whistle has blown the play dead.
That one slogan covers all that Scottsdale really stands for.
Conspicuous consumption and vapid shallowness.
This is not to be taken as a criticism of the Scottsdale Culinary Festival itself - it's a lot of fun and I recommend attending if you can (April 18 and 19). Just don't expect much intellectual stimulation.
Oh, and fortunately for the Culinary Festival, the Tempe Music Festival is taking place two weeks earlier (this weekend!).
In the event there had been a conflict in the schedule, well, college towns are a lot more interesting (something about the higher number of triple-digit IQs).

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