Monday, March 30, 2009

More 2010 campaigns news

Among the new campaigns for 2010 that have registered with the Secretary of State's office are -
Cheryl Cage, Democrat, running for the LD26 State Senate seat currently occupied by Republican Al Melvin

Margaret Dugan, Republican, running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Janelle Wood, no party affiliation listed, running for Governor
Cage is a former candidate for the seat, and her entry into the race is far from unexpected. Tedski at Rum, Romanism, Rebellion is certain to have coverage of this race as the campaigns heat up.

Dugan is Tom Horne's Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction. Don't know much about her yet, but the entry into the race of an ADE insider is certain to complicate things for the likes of legislators like State Sen. John Huppenthal and State Rep. Rich Crandall who were eyeing the seat.

Janelle Wood is an almost total unknown. However, a "Janelle Wood" with the same email address as is listed with the SOS' office is also listed as an Arizona contact person for something called the "Independent American Party." The IAP seems to advocate transforming America into some kind of semi-libertarian Christian theocracy (see its platform page here.)

In short, they're trying to out-Republican the Republicans.

If Wood's candidacy is real and gains any traction at all, it could undermine the Republicans in their efforts to win the Governor's office outright.

Especially if their extremists succeed in their efforts to defeat Jan Brewer in the primary.

In the "unofficial speculation" department, blog Gila Courier has some interesting observations about the activities of former AZGOP chair John Munger; current GOP Congressman Jeff Flake and former State Senator Karen Johnson are also mentioned in the post.

A Flake candidacy would be a serious one; a Johnson candidacy less so.


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