Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March4Schools Today at the State Capitol!

Just a reminder -


March 4

4 p.m.

Arizona Capitol

1700 West Washington

Somewhere near 10,000 people are expected to attend today to tell the legislature and the Governor who, coincidentally, chose the same time to address a joint session of the lege on the state's fiscal crisis (that's sarcasm folks - she and her handlers are trying to steal the thunder from the state's educators), so the best plan for getting here would be to car pool or take public transit.

And whether you travel here alone or in a group, arrive early - parking will be at a premium and some roads in the vicinity of the Capitol may be closed.

The rally will take place on the House lawn, immediately to the east of the House building, and will extend across the street into Wesley Bolin Plaza.

Students lining up to ask questions at a press conference of the Senate Democratic Caucus this morning...

More later...

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