Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2010 Candidates and Committees - updated

Things have been pretty quiet since my last one of these. Some incumbents have also formed re-election committees, but since the idea of "elected officials running for re-election" isn't exactly breaking news, I won't cover that yet.

Newbies, based on info from the Secretary of State's website -

...In LD8, Dr. Ray Mahoubi, a Republican PC and State Committee member, has filed paperwork for exploring a run for State Rep.

...For State Treasurer (I think), Democrat and renowned author Andrei Cherny has opened an exploratory committee.

...In LD7, Republican PC Larry Coutts has filed for a run for State Rep.

There are, of course, a number of rumored candidates for various offices, but since this post is only about those who have filed paperwork..

There are also a number of committees that have been formed relating to ballot measures.

Among the lowlights there:

Prop 13 Arizona, petition serial number C-06-2010. If passed, would amend the state constitution to cap property tax rates and valuations, and would not allow the voters to override the caps in specific situation by ballot.

Not to imply that this is a partisan measure meant to further cripple the state's ability to function, but the chair of the committee, Lynne Weaver, is a Republican PC in LD7 and a "Volunteer of the Year" for the Maricopa County Republicans.

Even though she claims that her measure is non-partisan.

"Non-partisan"?? Yeah, sure. Whatever you say. Really.

I've got calls out on a couple of the other committees, but no info (call backs) as yet.

Don't expect the pace of candidate filings to pick up until later in the year or early next year (when current officeholders can avoid the restrictions of AZ's resign-to-run laws). In addition, generally speaking there are far more ballot measure committees than there are actual ballot measures. I probably won't cover those until they show some sign of viability.

More later...


Thane Eichenauer said...

I love all this info but at some point I think you have to allow that government initiatives are non-partisan. You don't have to be a Republican to sign or support C-06-2010, non-partisan doesn't have to mean slanted towards one or another ideology.

cpmaz said...

It's not a government-initiated initiative, it's a citizen initiative.

FYI - while I will strongly oppose the prop if it makes it to the ballot, I just as strongly support the citizen initiative process and the right of the backers to bring the matter to a vote.

It's perhaps the best control mechanism available when the lege and governor get too partisan and need to be reined in.

That is why I won't support any efforts to overturn the Voter Protection Act because of the budget shortfall.