Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Republican Schmuck Alert

And no, I'm not talking about the former GOP candidate for the AZ House. :)

This is the first in an irregular series of posts, one that I expect will have unfortunately frequent entries.

Today, there are two candidates for schmuck-hood.

First up, the ever-loony Rep. Andy Biggs of Gilbert (thanks go out to David Safier at Blog for Arizona for spotting this one). From the AZ Daily Star -
"Education does not create jobs," he [Biggs] said. "Entrepreneurs and businesses create jobs."

Biggs added that it wouldn't matter whether Arizona has the best-educated work force in the country if higher taxes drive companies out of business.

Apparently he believes that entrepeneurs and businessmen don't need educations, nor do they need a workforce knowledgeable enough to adequately staff their businesses. I expect Biggs to be a regular honoree here.

Also up for consideration is State Superintendant of Public Instruction Tom Horne.

From the Yuma Sun story about the House Education Committee's vote to kill Rep. David Schapira's bill to raise the minimum age for dropping out of school to 18 -
Horne even poked some fun at Rep. David Schapira, D-Tempe, who is sponsoring the legislation.

"I think there should be a bill that says no one can propose it unless they spend a year teaching kids who don't want to be there,'' he said.

Prior to his current gig, Horne, the chief educator in the state, was a lawyer. (Note: he's already formed a committee to "explore" running for AZ Attorney General next year.)

Prior to *his* current gig, Schapira, a member of the House Ed Committee, was a teacher.

When it comes to matters of teaching and education, that difference creates a credibility gap that only a full-blown schmuck would dive into, and dive into head first, at that.

Sad to say, but there will be more entries in this series sooner or later.

And probably sooner than later.