Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who knew???

On Saturday, the AZ Republic ran a piece with quotes from various Arizona luminaries regarding the Cardinals and the Super Bowl.

Most were lame and evidence of the fact certain politicos *really* shouldn't try to talk about sports -

- Congressman Jeff Flake's (R-CD6) "...Win or lose though, I think most Cards fans are just happy they aren't in need of a bailout, not that that would stop the federal government from giving them one."

Hey Jeff - It's a football game, not a dead-in-the-water amendment against some public service project! Lighten up and let loose a little!

The likes of Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne and State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema fell into this group. Tempting though it may always be for an elected official to do so, sometimes working politics into every situation is just annoying.

Some were just plain insipid, and evidence of the fact that certain politicos shouldn't try to talk, period -

- Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas' "Because coach Ken Whisenhunt runs a strict meritocracy..."

Hey Andy - Quit speaking like a lawyer! You could give the Arizona desert lessons in 'dry'!

Perhaps not too surprisingly, Joe Arpaio fell into this group.

Some were good examples of fun smack talk the way it's supposed to be - a little brash and over the top and supportive of the home team without being overly mean to the opponent -

- Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's "...the Cardinals are better than the Steelers. Our offense is better than their offense, our defense is better than their defense, our coaching is better than their coaching, and our fans are better and louder than their fans. (In a couple of days, our parade will be much, much better than their parade)."

That's more like it Phil!

However, the most eye-opening quote was from, of all people, CD5's Congressman Harry Mitchell (emphasis mine) -

"...Because nobody outside of Arizona thinks they can do it, and everybody loves an underdog. And besides, it will be fun to make the whole state of Pennsylvania cry, not just the Philadelphia half..."

That is AWESOME! Pointed yet subtle, it hurls jabs at more than one target in a single sentence. Turns out that Harry has some serious wiseass chops (and that's high praise indeed from someone who prides himself on his own wiseass chops). :))

Harry Mitchell - Husband, father, teacher, leader...wiseass???

Who knew??


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