Monday, January 12, 2009

The Real Bush Legacy

Earlier today, George W. Bush, the soon-to-be ex-president, gave his final news conference. During that event, he spent much of his time defending his presidency and its policies, particularly in the area of foreign affairs. (The White House's transcript here)

Last week, a friend of mine who isn't as political as me but who is aware of the blog sent a link to me that I think illustrates how posterity will truly remember the presidency of George W. Bush.
The toy security checkpoint is available on for $55.00; no word on how much the optional Cavity Search Room with REAL Latex Gloves costs. As a special bonus, it comes packed in shredded Bill of Rights packing material to cushion it in transit.
If perhaps that $55 price tag is a little too much to afford during the Bush economic collapse, save a few dollars and purchase a toy police checkpoint for the bargain price of only $49.99. It features the same loss of civil liberties and also comes shipped in the same shredded Bill of Rights packing material as the airport checkpoint.
Soon to be released -
The Gitmo Water Boarding Room, complete with torturers, MSRP TBD.. That one comes packed in shredded Geneva Conventions.

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