Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obscure (but important) elected positions in Maricopa County

And some will even be on next year's ballots.

There are a number of elected offices on boards and commissions in Maricopa County that are important in their impact on County residents but frequently escape notice due to their unpaid, non-partisan* status.

* = "Non-partisan" in an official sense, but not always in a practical sense.

Over the next few months leading into the next election cycle, I'll try to cover those boards, emphasizing the ones that will be up for election next year. Today's post will just cover basic background and membership.

First up is the Governing Board of the Maricopa Community College District (MCCD). The board oversees the operation of MCCD.

The members of the board are elected in staggered six-year terms to represent County Supervisor districts.

Current members, District, end of current term (terms that up for election next year are bolded)-

Dr. Donald R. Campbell, SD5, 2012

Colleen Clark (Board President), SD1, 2012

Randolph Lumm (Board Secretary), SD4, 2014

Debra Pearson, SD3, 2014

Jerry Walker, SD2, 2010

This board has a prime example how partisan a member of a "non-partisan" board can be. Member Pearson is a Republican PC in LD11 and the 'public service' portion of her bio emphasizes her credentials as a Republican PC, LD officer, county and state committee member.

The Board next meets on Tuesday, January 27 at the District's offices on West 14th St. in Tempe (agenda here; minutes of previous meetings here).

Next up is the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD). I wrote about them in 2006 here. CAWCD oversees the Central Arizona Project as it delivers water from the Colorado River throughout central AZ to as far south as Tucson.

Board members are elected by county to six-year terms.

Current members, County, term expiration (terms that up for election next year are bolded) -

Lisa Atkins, Maricopa, 2012

Susan Bitter Smith, Maricopa, 2010

Timothy Bray, Maricopa, 2010

Gayle Burns, Maricopa, 2012

Daniel Donahoe, Maricopa, 2010

Paul Hendricks, Maricopa, 2010

L.M. "Pat" Jacobs, Pima, 2014

Terri Kibler, Pinal, 2014

Mark Lewis, Maricopa, 2010

Jean McGrath, Maricopa, 2012

Sharon Megdal, PhD., Pima, 2014

Pamela Pickard, Maricopa, 2012

Warren Tenney, Pima, 2014

Janie Thom, Maricopa, 2012

Carol Zimmerman, Pima, 2014

Agendas for future meetings and minutes of past meetings can be found here.

Edit on 1/20/2009 to add -

The Maricopa County Recorder's Office has a list of offices up for election from 2010 thru 2014 here.

End edit.

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