Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Arizona Democratic Party Reorganization Meeting

On Saturday, January 24, the AZ Dems will be holding their reorganizational meeting at the Wyndham in Phoenix (50 E. Adams). The activities (caucus and committee meetings, etc.) start at 8 a.m. with the full meeting starting at 1 p.m.

The reorg meeting website is here. It contains the complete agenda and more, including a list of candidates who are running for the various offices.

The candidates thus far (number to be elected) -

(note: the links lead to letters from the announced candidates) -

Chair (1) - Don Bivens (incumbent)

First Vice Chair (1) - Charlene Fernandez (incumbent), Donna Branch-Gilby, and Harriet Young

Senior Vice Chair (1) - Ken Smith (incumbent)

Vice Chairman (3) - Matt Capalby, Ruben Gallego, Harold Holmes, Todd Landfried

Secretary (1) - Lois Pfau

Vice Chairwoman (3) - Josephine Kelleher (incumbent), Bree Boehlke, Mohur Sidhwa

Treasurer (1) - Rick McGuire (incumbent)

Education Coordinator (1) - Anne Greenberg (incumbent)

While these are the announced candidates thus far, other candidates can and will be nominated from the floor and some of these candidates won't go forward with their own candidacies for many reasons (not the least of which are the ADP's geographic distribution rules for Vice Chair positions).

I don't know who I'm going to vote for yet, but the candidate(s) who get my vote will utter the following words in some combination or form -

"50 State Strategy," "30 District Strategy," "No incumbent, theirs or ours, is 'safe'," and "Governor Howard Dean, Thank You!"

See you Saturday...


Zelph said...
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Zelph said...

Have you seen this from Todd Landfried?

cpmaz said...

Yup, and I liked it (I've been thinking along the same lines, though not as detailed :) ).

However, out of fairness to other candidates who may step forward on Saturday, I'm not making any decisions regarding my vote until then.