Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2010 candidates getting started early

The candidate picture for 2010 is already getting cluttered. A quick glance at the AZ Secretary of State's website shows the following 2010 committees have been formed (some are 'exploratory') -

Christopher Tolino, Republican, State Rep., LD20, filer ID 201000001

Michelle Reagan, Republican, exploratory - no office or district listed, filer ID 201000002

Tom Horne, Republican, exploratory - Attorney General, filer ID 201000003

David Lujan, Democrat, exploratory - Attorney General, filer ID 201000011

Chad Campbell, Democrat, State Rep., LD14, Committee to Re-elect, filer ID 201000015

Bob Burns, Republican, exploratory - no office or district listed, filer ID 201000016

Bill Konopnicki, Republican, exploratory - no office or district listed, filer ID 201000018

Bob Gilby, Democrat, exploratory - State Rep. LD27, filer ID 201000019

Katie Hobbs, Democrat, exploratory - State Rep. LD15, filer ID 201000020

Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat, exploratory - State Senate LD15, filer ID 201000021

Robert Meza, Democrat, exploratory - State Senate LD14, filer ID 201000022

Steve Gallardo, Democrat, exploratory - State Senate LD13, filer ID 201000024 (I'm not sure how his recent resignation his House seat affects this, but since the SOS still lists the committee as active, I'm including it here.)

Andy Tobin, Republican, exploratory - State Rep. LD1, re-election, filer ID 201000025

Pamela Gorman, Republican, State Senate LD6, re-election committee, filer ID 201000027

Jimmie Munoz, Jr., Democrat, State Rep. LD16, filer ID 201000029

Luis Garcia, Democrat, State Rep. LD15, filer ID 201000030

Jason Williams, Democrat, Superintendent of Public Instruction, filer ID 201000032

In addition to all of these committees that were formed after the end of the 2008 election cycle (hence the '2010' filer IDs), there's at least one exploratory committee formed in 2008 that is active for the 2010 cycle -

Jack Harper, Republican, exploratory - no office or district listed (but it's for a run at SOS), filer ID 200810288, cash on hand as of 11/24/2008 - $1835.00.

There's no guarantee that all or even any of these candidates will end up actively seeking office next year. Actually, it's a safe bet that some won't. Of course, it's a safer bet that that most will. :))

Another likely occurence is that as higher offices open up, there will be a 'trickle-up' phenomenon.

For example, if John McCain chooses not to run for re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2010 (FYI - right now, he is saying that he will run for re-election), it is likely that one or two current U.S. Congressmen, Jeff Flake and/or John Shadegg will pursue the seat. Once that happens, many current state legislators will raise their sights. For example2, during the few days last year when Shadegg "retired," current State Senators Pam Gorman and Jim Waring were rumored to be interested in the job.

In addition, three somebodys will be taking runs at Democratic U.S. Representatives Gabrielle Giffords (CD8), Ann Kirkpatrick (CD1), and Harry Mitchell (CD5).

In short, there will be a reshuffling of candidates before the campaign season really starts heating up (next January or so.)

Note: Jason Williams spoke at the LD17 Dems' meeting last night. After his unsuccessful run at State Superintendent in 2006, he has remained heavily (and enthusiastically) involved in education issues, working as the founder and leader of Arizona School Works and working with other groups to ensure the future of education for our state's children. While his 2010 campaign website isn't up yet, it should be ready to go by the end of the month. Folks who are interested in volunteering for or contributing to his campaign can contact him at helpkids[at]



Thane Eichenauer said...

Relative to Burns and Konopnicki does the AZ SOS really allow the name of office to be blank?

I've been down to the SOS office and I don't remember the computer form having an option named "I don't care to specify".

Thane Eichenauer said...

As for Shadegg running for US Senate he would tragically make about as good a Senator as Mr. McCain.

As for Flake running for US Senate, I say I as much as I support his push to repeal the Cuba travel prohibition but I won't speak much well of him for an even higher office until he starts talking about ending US imperialism (I'm not holding my breath).

cpmaz said...

Well, I don't know if the SOS allows them to leave the form blank, but that info isn't posted on the SOS' website for them, and it was there for some of the other candidates.

And this may shock you, but I don't think that either Shadegg or Flake would make a good Senator for AZ.

You might this I was a Democrat or something. :))

Andy G said...

Though I'm currently in Iraq, I shouldbe home some time in the next few months. I will be running for the GOP nomination for CD8 as well. It's time to remove ineffective representatives. We cannot afford any more of their brand of patriotism.

Andy Goss
Human Intelligence Support Team 582
Q West Base Complex
Ninawa Province, Iraq