Monday, December 01, 2008

Hilllary Clinton: Expected to fail as Secretary of State...

...not because she is unqualified or even simply a bad person, but because of something totally out of her control.

Rush Limbaugh likes her selection as USSOS.

From Newsweek -
Rush Limbaugh has seldom been a fan of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. But the conservative radio pundit has given his blessing to her selection as the next secretary of state.

He calls it "a brilliant stroke" by President-elect Barack Obama, who opposed Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Rush Limbaugh applauding an appointment/nomination by a Democratic president is like me applauding a free agent signing by the New York Yankees.

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I only applaud moves by the Yankees that I thnk make them weaker. Something tells me that Limbaugh has a similar (or harsher!) attitude toward Democrats.


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