Tuesday, December 02, 2008

D17's Rep. Ed Ableser quoted in the Washington Post

Too bad it was about some sad news.

From the WaPo article about possible replacements from New York for Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate (and, obviously, ramifications of Obama's other cabinet appointments in other states) -
In Arizona, Gov. Janet Napolitano, nominee for secretary of homeland security, will be replaced by Secretary of State Jan Brewer (R). Arizona has no lieutenant governor.

Arizona state Rep. Ed Ableser (D) said losing a Democratic governor to a Republican one will change politics considerably, given the overwhelmingly GOP legislature. He compared it to a hockey team losing its goalie.

"It's somewhat frustrating that we're already hearing talk about cutting education, health care and vital programs to the needy," Ableser said. "It's sad knowing Governor Napolitano won't be there to help us with these fights."


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