Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yet another reason not to watch Fox or any of its affiliated networks

From AZCentral.com -
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, TV star? It could happen when Smile ... You're Under Arrest! premieres in December on the Fox Reality channel.

"Sheriff Joe is an absolute natural," producer Scott Satin says. "He should have his own late-night talk show. He's wonderful on camera because he's not acting. He is a very sincere person."

That sincerity will be spotlighted in the show, which was filmed last year in the Valley. The premise involves elaborate sting operations used to nab people with outstanding warrants.
Of course, *not* watching this show won't be much of a stretch for me - I don't watch so-called "reality" shows. They may be unscripted (allegedly), but they are hardly "real."

In short, they should be called "we're too cheap to hire writers" shows, not "reality" shows.


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