Thursday, November 06, 2008

We're waiting for you, Jack.

From PolitickerAZ -
Harper first to file for 2010
By Wally Edge

State Senator Jack Harper (LD-4) is the first candidate to form an exploratory campaign for 2010. Inside Edge has learned Harper has formed a committee to look at running for Secretary of State.

Current Secretary of State Jan Brewer is finishing her second term and is expected to run for Governor in 2010.
Ummm...if it looks like the hyper-partisan Jack Harper will end up as the Rep nominee for Secretary of State, Democrats from all over the state will jump at the chance to face him and kick his ass.

As one interested bystander observed upon hearing the news, "Harper is just a nail begging to be whacked. A lot."

Moves like his bill last session to open up Democratic primaries to Republican voters or his Senate rule-skirting bullying tactics last session or his contempuous demeanor toward people testifying before his committee's hearings or...well, all that can be saved for the campaign.

One person who might like the move (besides Harper himself) - the current AZSOS.

Harper is one of the few people who can make Jan "sure I'm the chair of Bush reelection campaign in AZ, but you can still trust me to count the votes fairly. Really. [wink]" Brewer look unbiased and professional.

Which is a perception that she will need when she campaigns for governor in two years.

BTW -the "exploratory" committee concept needs to have a time limit on it, perhaps 120 or 150 days. Fourteen months? Waayyyy too long for a legitimate exploration of a run for a particular office.

Right now, all "exploratory" means is "I don't want to resign from my current office."

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