Saturday, October 11, 2008

Upon further review...

First the NFL did it, then MLB instituted their own version, now Random Musings has implemented a form of instant replay review...


Last week, I filled out and returned by ballot for November's election.

I have come to reconsider my "Yes" vote on one of the ballot questions, Prop 202, aka "Stop Illegal Hiring." The business-backed measure makes some changes to Arizona's nativist-written (in the shape of Russell Pearce [R-National Alliance]) employer sanctions law, lightening the burden on businesses.

As I noted last week, I kind of wished that both sides on this one could lose this one.

I ended up voting "Yes" because I find Pearce and his ilk more objectionable (barely!) than the wage-suppressing (and worker-safety suppressing and human-rights suppressing) agriculture and construction businesses that tend to hire the most undocumented immigrants.

While my feelings regarding AZ's nativists haven't changed, I have changed my mind on what is the appropriate position regarding Prop 200.

One of the few "good" points of the original employer sanctions measure was that it was generated by the lege, hence it could be changed by a simple act of the legislature (well, changed upon the signature of the Governor, anyway. :) )

If Prop 202 is passed by the voters, none of the language of the measure can be changed by the lege (Article 4, Part 1, Section 1, of the AZ Constitution), no matter what unexpected consequences arise from Prop 202.

As such, while I cannot change my vote, people who haven't yet cast their ballots should consider voting "No" on Prop 202.

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