Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The LD18 Republicans are starting to get scared

On Tuesday, the chair of the LD18 Republicans, Matt Tolman, took a swipe at Democratic candidates Tammie Pursley and Judah Nativio. He claimed that the likes of Republicans Russell Pearce, Cecil Ash, and Steve Court are the "fiscally responsible" candidates in the race.

Apparently, Tolman thinks that things like Pearce's attempt to destroy public school funding (and with it, finish off the already ailing public education system in AZ) is "fiscally responsible."

The entire text is available at Mesa Issues.

Judah Nativio's campaign has released the following response -

"There he goes again," Judah said, "Matt Tollman is out telling more half truths and protecting his friend, Russell Pearce, who is chairman of the approproations committee and is one we can point fingers at for allowing this budget crisis to spiral out of control,"

Judah continues, "They did it to his primary opponent and now to his general opponent, they must be scared that their bad fiscal policy has finally caught up with them. Character bashing instead of solution providing, politics as usual.

Matt's remark's did not mention that I am in favor of lowering the sales tax and the corporate tax. The TIME initiative or Mr. Pearce's 1/2 cent increase would have provided much needed infrastructure, jobs and would have helped attract more business to Arizona. It is time we wake up and realize what direction we want to head in and stop voting purely on party affiliation. Do not fall for their tactics."

I'm sure the press releases and campaign tactics will get nastier as more and more East Valley Republicans realize that they're going to lose their stranglehold on EV elected offices, whether in the state legislature or on the county board of supervisors (and the attacks on County Supervisor candidate Ed Hermes are already pretty rancid).

Stay tuned.

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