Monday, September 15, 2008

Phoenix weather forecast - sleet, freezing rain, and icing conditions

Signs that hell has frozen over and the cold snap is heading further south to the Phoenix area -

...The New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals are each 2 - 0 after the first two weeks of the NFL season. That the Patriots are undefeated is no surprise, even with the loss of QB Tom Brady for the season - with or without Brady, the team is incredibly talented on both sides of the football. But the Cardinals???? If they took a poll every year of the "team most likely to suck", the Cards would win it more years than not.

...Instead of complaining about people "whining" about a "mental recession," McCain's economic advisers (in the person of Carly Fiorina) have blamed the financial market's crisis on a lack of regulatory oversight by the Bush Administration. (AFP)

...The Arizona Cardinals are *2 - 0*.

...Karl Rove (*Karl Rove*!!) criticized the McCain campaign for running ads that were less than truthful. (AP via KVOA)

...The freakin' Cardinals are 2 - 0 !!

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