Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wow, those superdelegates - they get the best seats in the house!

The DNCC announced today that Arizona's own Governor Janet Napolitano will be onstage at the Democratic National Convention. On Tuesday, August 26, she will be one of the speakers presenting Sen. Barack Obama's economic plan to the convention delegates and to America.

From the DNCC press release -
Tuesday night’s featured speakers include Convention Co-Chair Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, both early supporters of Barack Obama, who will outline his detailed economic plan to grow the economy, create jobs, restore fairness and expand opportunity.

Other Tuesday speakers include -

Keynote speaker Mark Warner, former Governor of Virginia.

Senator and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of New York.

Governors Ted Strickland of Ohio and Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania will speak about how the failed BushCo economic policies of the last eight years have seriously jacked up our economy (note: "jacked up" is my term, not the DNCC's, and it's a euphemism.)

Senator Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania and Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts will speak about how Sen. Obama's economic plan has been shaped and influenced by the needs and concerns of middle-class America.

Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana and Federico Peña, former Mayor of Denver and Secretary of both Energy and Transportation will speak on the relationship between energy and America's economic vitality.

Other, previously announced, speakers include Michelle Obama, Craig Robinson (Michelle Obama's brother), Sen. Claire MacCaskill of Missouri, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. They'll speak on the opening night of the convention. Monday night will also feature a tribute to Sen. Ted Kennedy.

On Wednesday, Sen. Obama's as-yet-unannounced pick for VP will speak. The announced theme for Wednesday is national security.

On Thursday, Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado will speak and Sen. Obama will give his acceptance speech at Invesco Field.


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