Friday, August 29, 2008

More pics and observations from Denver

This is Sandy and Kathy. Met them in line outside Invesco Field (aka - Mile High). They volunteered all week for the convention and were excited to be going to Barack Obama's acceptance speech. Sandy thinks that it is likely that Colorado will go for Obama in November. Where Berny Morson of the Rocky Mountain News believes that rural CO is strongly Republican and will vote for McCain, Sandy believes that the depressed rural areas will vote for Obama. Something about blaming Bush for the economy and the fact that McCain is entirely too Bush-like.

One of Thursday's early speakers, DNC Chairman Howard Dean, had a pointed comment that was both artful in its simplicity and painful in its accuracy -

"John McCain is not a maverick. John McCain is a 'yes' man."

What can I say? I like Sheryl Crow.
Of course, so did everyone else.
Staying on the musical theme, most observers (not just me) felt that Michael McDonald wasn't the best choice as the final musical guest. Both Crow and Stevie Wonder did a good job with their performances and did much more to energize the crowd.
McDonald? Not so much.
Most people seemed to feel that McDonald's performance was decent in and of itself, but entirely too yawn-inducing for the environment at the acceptance speech.
Among the speakers, the Coloradans received strong cheers, and of course the ovation for Barack Obama blew the doors off the place, but the speaker receiving the most cheers was New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. His address won him more fans too. More than one person told me afterwards they could see why I liked him early on during the primary season.
Had a chance to speak to Marshawn and Ken, the two people seated next to me in the nosebleeds. Actually, I mostly spoke to Marshawn; Ken was friendly, but spent most of the evening with his eyes locked on to a pair of binoculars.
She's a teacher who was a big fan of Hillary Clinton until she had a chance to see Obama speak two years ago. After that, she started following his campaign, eventually caucusing for him in CO. She was totally thrilled when she had the opportunity to see the acceptance speech live.
She and Ken are from Parker (CO) and much like Sandy above, believe that Obama will win CO.
(Sorry, no pics - the angle was too tight to get a good shot in the cramped confines of the stadium.)
More tomorrow when I arrive home...

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