Sunday, August 24, 2008

Florida and Michigan delegates seated! Oh wait...

...that isn't exactly breaking news.

What actually took place Sunday was that the Convention's Credentials Committee passed the resolution making that official.

While the meeting generated a lot more interest than Saturday's meeting of the Rules Committee (lots more press coverage on Sunday; Saturday was pretty much CSPAN and a few intrepid bloggers), it was so scripted it was totally boring.

And I missed the three AZ representatives to the committee. :(

However, that disappointment was compensated for by the increase in people-watching opportunities (*much* better than Saturday's non-existent crowds).

There were the anti-abortion protesters, the "Jesus is my God and is the only God and you'd better get straight with him or you're gonna buuurrrn" protester, and the "keep church and state separate" protesters outside the Colorado Convention Center, and the anti-war protesters all over the place that seemed to be going somewhere in particular, but I'm not sure where.

There were cops everywhere - normal looking street cops, the talk into sleeve mic types that were probably federal (FBI or Secret Service), riot cops mounted on an SUV, ready to deploy, SWAT teams, and even multiple police helicopters hovering over downtown.

Traffic was already a mess - the main road, Speer (normally one of the main arteries in and out of the area), was already blocked off inbound, and many of the side streets were heavily restricted with Jersey barriers ready to move into place to completely close them down.

And it was only Sunday, and the Convention hadn't even started yet. Wait until Monday. :))

The day ended on a positive note though, with a family dinner at Pagliacci's, long a Denver dining landmark. The best Italian cuisine west of the Mississippi, great service, and atmosphere like I haven't seen since my Nonna's kitchen. :)

Donna at Democratic Diva is doing a good job of chronicling her adventures as a delegate; the highly deserving Tedski at R-Cubed is handling the officially sanctioned blogger duties for AZ; and Michael Bryan at Blog for Arizona is hosting three delegates as guest bloggers - Paul Eckerstrom, Patricia Canady, and John Adams (the retired general, not the former President).

Give them a read for more of an insider's perspective.

A few of the pics from today's travels -

The God guy. There was only one of him, but he had a good PA system. So he rates his own pic. :)

The "Keep Church and State Separate" folks, next to the God guy (Love that irony!).

And the anti-abortion types (loud and obnoxious, but welcome to free speech.)

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